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Delivery information

Delivery information


<< ANY ROSE >> floral and wedding salon offers you a quick and comfortable delivery service. In case of online ordering, you will be able to get the mentioned product at the time you prefer.

The site allows you to make online orders in two ways: registering as a permanent user or doing an order as a guest. Personal information, and information about bank accounts are kept confidential. Confidentiality is guaranteed by the company and the bank. The data of the persons who made the guest order are not preserved in the system.


When filling out the data field, please fill in the shipping address accurately, specify the details of the address, the recipient's name, the phone number (if necessary). If you want to leave a note, you can specify the text of the conversation in the additional information field.

 In the absence of the addressee, the sender has the right to deliver the item to a third person (an administrator of the facility, another person at the address) to forward the item to the addressee later.

In case of impossibility to transmit to any of the aforementioned persons, we may double the delivery within the given day.

Delivery is available 7 days, 24 hours.

Delivery on holidays

On holidays, orders must be registered at least 2-3 days in advance.

Because of the large number of orders on February 14, March 8, April 7, December 30-31,  deliveries may be made 2 hours before or after your scheduled time.


The customer may not take the order if:

- Order does not match the information listed on the online store

- The flowers are’nt fresh

- The composition or flowers are damaged


The company  have the right:

- Not to take the order back if any of the above points have been violated

- Keep the information about the customer secret, by the customer's wishes